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10 Basic Tips on loading your own profile! The biggest disappointments on many online sites, is that many singles are simply NOT who they say they are, or pretend to be someone they are NOT!

You are tired of talking to the dog!  You are tired of trying every dating platform to find SOMEONE, just someone, to love and cherish who returns the adoration and enjoys you and your lifestyle! Your friends and family have run out of “You must meet so-and-so….” And quite frankly, you are suffering from dating burnout! Hundreds, or even thousands of profile later, your frustration boils over because you simply find nobody who appeals! Or you are “starting over”, or asking the universe how to find love again, with all the fabulous happiness you DESERVE!!  COURAGE dear reader, help is at hand! If you are wondering why nothing seems to work for you by attracting that ONE for you, so maybe you need your own “marketing strategy” ……. here are some very useful tips!

We understand you are here because you have made a conscious decision to find the perfect match, long for a rewarding and lasting, loving relationship, and have worked on your “inner” ideas of what love is, what you really want, and especially on what you have to offer – your VALUE ADD too, as a partner! If you are not sure “who you are” yet, ask your close friends and family for your strongest and weakest traits, assess them realistically, and look at all the positives (and maybe work on the negatives – personal growth and an AHA moment can work miracles with candid self-assessment) and remember always that nobody is perfect, but you WILL BE perfect to someone who is attracted to you! By now you have also worked on your image and personal branding, look your best (there are tons of information out there on what men and women find most irresistible in each other) and make sure you have done everything you can to be attractive, charming and loveable!

Our basic tips will be enough to get you going, and as is our individual coaching style, we have not overwhelmed you here with 50+ websites to browse, dozens of books, eBooks or courses to first swot up on!! As expert matchmakers we know this is a journey you want to start NOW, and you will learn as you go and research whatever you need, along the way!  The first step then, is to have an attractive profile which is going to be read, studied and seriously considered by a diverse group of others you do not know yet, so the more versatile and appealing you are, the more attention you will get!

10 Basic Tips on loading your own profile!

  1. HONESTY …….as this is surely what you expect in a new love, how strong are you in this department?  Trust, faithfulness and admiration all stem from this first building block, so be sure to load an honest profile! If you don’t really care, you may just be seeking a thrill or quick fix, wham-bang, and nothing really matters other than the conquest! Go figure! Your profile must be the authentic YOU! If you are a spook, you will only attract other spooks!
  1. CONFIDENCE …..we all fear something at some time, but this is no time to quiver and quake, or underplay your personality, it is YOUR time to step up with all your confidence, because truly, people are drawn to others who seem to take life in their stride (yes, they also have issues, but deal positively with them, and we all want a problem-solver we can rely on, not so? We don’t want to be the problem, or find someone who becomes a problem)….being a people magnet is being great company, positive and enthusiastic, with a gift for others that ENRICHES their lives (you also want this, not so?). Quietly confident also works!
  1. HUMOUR …….this comes packaged in many different ways!!  We do know it is NOT being silly, corny, cheesy, creepy or flaky – or worse, degrading of others, it is about genuinely seeing the funny side of life, being able to laugh at yourself, and just enjoying moments of lightness, best when shared! We all need to learn to understand the humour language of new friends, so listen and learn! Humour is vital to our love language too!
  1. CAREER …….the only aspect interested others need to know at this stage, is that you are gainfully employed, studying or retired or whatever, as it shows you have some dedication or passion for what you do, have had goals and may still have goals, but never bring your working or corporate/executive persona to the date! You may send the message that the only life you have is your career!  You could risk sounding arrogant even, if you brag that you are king pin and the answer to all things business/commerce!  It sounds like bragging!  If you moan, you are NOT a problem-solver! Interested others will find out when the time is right ……a little mystery fires up the interest!
  1. HUMILITY ……ohhh but it pays to be humble!! Sure, you are the centre of attention because all your friends and family adore you (yes, because they know you!) and you are the light of ‘their’ life wherever you go! BUT, beware, you may not be the only super star – there are others who may claim the same fame, so rather go in quietly before you blow your bugle!! “I speak my mind” and/or “people must take it or leave” and “I am a strong character and take no nonsense” etc., will result in exactly that – they will leave it! Rather wait for the “WOW! moment when others realise you are, in fact, the answer to the universe! ….when you are in THEIR universe!
  1. PERSONALITY….just be yourself, and that means your nicest Self!  If you are shy and an introvert, admit it, but encourage by assuring others reading your profile, that you are willing to adapt to their interests, support them, and understand their needs.  Many Introverts do very well with extroverts……and you get ambiverts that can be either!  If you are an extrovert, and way OTT, be aware that others may find you exhausting, high maintenance or simply difficult to be around, an adrenaline junkie on speed! People always desire “normal” and balanced others to invest their futures with, with varying personal taste for excitement, although will enjoy your individuality and eccentricities – after they have bought in enough to get to know you!
  1. CHARACTER ……..every human has their own! All the virtues that make up a sound and stable character, you know! You can mention that you live with principles and respect others, that you are flexible and open to learn, and happy to negotiate the other’s needs and desires too!!  Bald statements and “must be’s”…..or demands or “conditions” will only spell trouble from the beginning!  You are here because you are willing to transform as you grow from being “me” to being “us”! We never stop building character!
  1. HEALTH……….singles seeking a mate want someone who enjoys good health! Would you fall for someone who is addicted to substances, alcohol, drugs or even food (yes, food is an addiction too!) and stands the risk of early death, or worse, debilitating disease or illness?  We all need to be good INVESTMENT in a lasting relationship! Nope, everyone has a plan to see life through, together, until the end game –so address any health issues (including mental or emotional) before you go on your mission to find lasting love!  Healthy activities are also most attractive to others!  There is so much you can share!  Of course, if you are a little “average” here, you are not going to seek someone athletic – so apply logic when YOU choose a profile too!
  1. INTELLECT….it is a proven fact that singles who share a similar level of intellect and education, attract likeminded others! You can learn another’s passions and interests – whether the arts, culture, academia, creativity, belief systems, sports or hobbies, or whatever blows you hair back – just be sure to be interesting, with no obsessive inclinations, and be open to new ideas and views – you can only learn, even if you agree to disagree! Someone with a similar lifestyle, from a familiar background and who is likeminded, will guarantee a fine chance of soul mate love!
  2. ATTRACTION FACTOR ….and yes, we do mean LOOKS!! This is a very complex subject as experts prove that we are attracted to “what we know” and what we are familiar with, stemming from imprinting since we were born! We all secretly wish we looked like that movie star, famous model or porn star, yeah?!  You need to believe that you ARE the most gorgeous person to the person who loves you, and that someone out there will find you awesome!! It will raise your stakes though if you have addressed your physical “image” and assessed how you rate on the factors the opposite gender relate to best!  Be aware of what attraction is, what it means to others too, look around you – and copy role models you admire, see an image expert, even get professional help! Fact is, the more normal you are, the more natural you are, the more stylish, neat and groomed you are (also smell nice and always clean) the more chances you have!

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So good luck dear Singleton!  And last but not least, pictures paint a thousand words! Hazy Selfies, poor quality and slap-dash photos of you, are advertising exactly how you regard yourself, and your self-esteem! And remember this is not a porn site!  Do the trouble to show you care how you present yourself, and only post honest, authentic and current pics!