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Are you date ready?  This is the question posed by our expert Date Coach, Shannon….(also a respected owner of two successful matchmaking agencies with long track records).!  Here are some useful tips to prepare for the game of love!

We have put together a few tips to get you started, whether you use our online platform or our personal, bespoke matchmaking services, here are some things to consider:

  • Have you made a conscious decision to find The One, your soul mate and loving partner based on the fact you need love, want to SHARE your future with someone, DESERVE LOVE, are loving and loveable and can equally return the love and adoration you seek, for the sheer value of LOVE? You know then this is a two-way street, not a 4 lane highway! It will be about give and take, negotiation on needs, tolerance, patience and respect….and more!
  • Do you have a game plan? Preparing for any game, especially the games of love, which start with attracting others to even get into the game, you need to have your physical appearance, health, mind and spirit prepared with positivity and good energy – and you will needs loads of this!! This can be hard work, but loads of fun and an adventure of insights as you learn more about the opposite sex! Have fun!
  • Of course, you have cleared your aura of any lingering lost loves, pain and hurt, you’ve done your mourning and cried on many shoulders – this is not the place to have a pity party! You have committed to “starting over” and have re-invented yourself, facing the reasons why you lost love in the first place, and learnt from your lessons! (Or we can suggest seriously good coaching to assist you).
  • People with agendas need to rethink – love is not a means to an end – not about a financial leg-up, a new social status, having babies and being a stay-at-home mom, having a trophy lady on your arm, passionate one night stands, or having someone take responsibility for your happiness – we assure you, if you pick the right mate for you, all the “top up” needs you feel you want, can happen, by setting goals for a fabulous life shared, with real and deep love as the foundation! Your dreams, ambitions and needs will be shared, when love flourishes, within reason!
  • Making the same mistakes over and over is insanity, right? Do something different to get different results, and break repeating patterns (choosing the same type of person that never worked out) and start totally fresh – with an open mind, no assumptions or prejudices – destiny is written for you!
  • Your first introduction to the singles world is through your profile you load, and this “personal branding” must be authentically you, and we do suggest you use a USERNAME if you want to stay a little anonymous, and your profile must be interesting and call out to your TYPE of other! It goes without saying, your pic must be excellent, the best you can manage, to attract others (not because you liked the event you were at!) but aimed to impress OTHERS. Please see the article hereunder for more info.
  • A VERY SERIOUS TIP!! If you use social media, are easily found on Google, be very aware of the image you make!! Your friends and family may think it hilarious, but a stranger seeing you passed out naked in the gutter, will not!! Your weird dress style, crazy hair, funny faces – will only attract, well, other ‘strange’ folks! People can use your name and pic to research you, and as a matchmaker, I have seen hundreds of intros crash because of the shock others have had when “spying” on a proposed intro, after we went to tons of trouble to have a fabulous presentation – self-sabotage at its best! Ever wonder why you did not get that job you hungered for? You ARE visible to the world!! So yes, using a “handle” or a username, is the best option!! (And please, avoid cheesy handles like “Sex Starved Kitten” or “Raging Bull” or “Hung like A Horse” ……you get the picture!! There are other sites for this!!)

We know there is information at every turn on the internet, so find a dating site that gives you the kind of help you need! We have researched some excellent articles to share here (we do not need to reinvent the wheel, nor do we proclaim to know it all) as many world experts have said it for us, so see some helpful articles hereunder, with compliments of various experts, through our favourite dating gurus, who having many more tips to share! We do have excellent date coaches that offer a personal service, so please do ask!

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Happy hunting all your singles!! We are always here to give more advice, so please watch this space!