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Welcome to our upmarket singles site!

This online service is offered as an alternative to our long-standing personal, bespoke and caring matchmaking service, for those that rather chose to take their time and try their luck online. We have two separate websites for each option, if you go to the link provided, and we offer you a choice!

Our online site provides much advice, coaching and tips on how do this successfully, remain safe and have the assurance that we vet all profiles loaded, to ensure your peace of mind, and we continually monitor all traffic. You can load your profile and pics and be assured you will be asked for contact by awesome others who would like to meet you, who are also seeking a soul mate.

You may be encouraged to know that we have a longstanding record for excellence over a decade, with hands-on and real life experience dealing with the very delicate world of singles who are seeking a lasting relationship, with much success. What better than to have experienced matchmakers guiding you on your online experience! Our ONLINE site is easy to use, informative and we really do care for your success!

We cater now for the needs of singles in the UK, Australia, Africa and South Africa, on our online sites!  You can meet other singles in your area, or join our matchmaking, personal service agency, to be introduced personally by us, in all these areas too!

Our ONLINE site, with an added option of using our agency directly, was inspired by the fact many singles do wish to meet others from other areas – many singles have joined us from African countries, the USA, UK and from across our borders – even the North Pole!  The world is but a global village, if you wish to connect with other areas too.

About MatchVIP Dating Services

At MatchVIP Dating Services our passion is to unite upmarket and compatible singles in rewarding, long term relationships, not just a dating site, but a quality service with human involvement from us at every level…….either on an online platform as offered here, or as a personalized and bespoke service for single professionals, open to most international areas too, as well as South Africa. We are like any exclusive social club, we are the middleman who introduces our friends using the digital platform as well as an agency (yes, you do become our friends too as we hope to play an important role in your future!!) hoping you all meet each other, and taking the angst out of ‘cold dating’ and making it a fun experience, with warmth!

We’re here to improve the quality of lives by empowering individuals to make more fulfilling life and relationship choices and assisting our members to enter into and cultivate healthy relationships. We offer both a matchmaking service and a date and relationship coaching service as we have full time experts at hand for any help members may need (see coaching). It is our business to teach the art of successful and healthy relationships, in a step by step journey. In short, we sell love! And we “sell” people to people! We know what the “others” are seeking, and can guide you towards the right presentation and approach, in a short space of time.

About Shannon – CEO, matchmaker and dating coach

Shannon Davidoff: Ex-corporate executive herself, CEO, Matchmaker and Dating and Relationship Coach – owner of two agencies and our online site.

Shannon has a lifetime experience dealing with people at all levels, with a passion for finding true potential in every individual to be the best they can be, and a value add to a future mate. Having been divorced and widowed, she has had to “start over” a few times, and has personal experience of the dynamics it takes. She is well placed to help all those singles, whether starting out fresh, or starting over, to define what it is they seek and to plan a strategy together, that will ensure success! Her experience in the recruitment industry and as a date coach, is invaluable to the art of matchmaking, and her business administration qualifications and experience, with a psychology background, has empowered her with extreme people profiling skills.

She has been profiling people for more than 30 years!  It is pivotal to success when dating, that you have the right profile when being introduced to others. Having changed the lives of tens of thousands of  hopeful singles since 2005, she is well placed to understand YOUR world! Whether you choose the online option or prefer personal service.

Shannon is also the owner of another very successful matchmaking agency, Perfect Partners, that has been going for more than a decade, and recently bought the database and brand of MatchVIP when the ex-owner, decided to move on to being a full time love coach. Instead of merging the two agencies, the decision was made to keep each with their own identity, as they attract and appeal to different types of singles, albeit with entirely the same standards and goals, thereby offering a much wider selection of choices to be introduced to! This means automatic access to both agencies, two sterling databases for one fee! MatchVIP started many years ago, and they evolved into a top flight and very successful matchmaking agency, a well respected brand and household name. And now we can offer the ONLINE DATING site as well!

Professional matchmaker services also available

It is important for all our members to know we have expert love gurus at hand as well, as MatchVIP offers a well rounded, turnkey service at every level, if members require it. You want to attract the best, after all, don’t you? We can assist you also to be the best! Please see our pages on how to load a profile, and some basic dating tips researched from experts around the world  for more details. Date competently and confidently, with our help, you can win!

At MatchVIP we believe in love as a God-given gift as nobody is intended to be alone! Many professional singles though do not have access to a wide range of “others” in order to make the right and lasting choices, may be exhausted by endless and disappointing “searches” on their own on dating sites, or they are isolated due to lifestyle and need to meet new people and expand their horisons, or they simply are very careful who they associate with and need an expert social ‘recruitment’ service to do the sifting and searching for them – a modern and smart outsource service like MatchVIP. Many singles need help in getting over previous disappointments and don’t know where to start with transformation! We invite you to enquire, no obligation!  Please go to our NEXT STEPS and make contact, we are standing by to meet you!